Meaning of Lyrics From Songs of the Seventies These are the meanings behind the song lyrics from various songs of the 70s. In particular, we’re looking for songs that aren’t immediately obvious. We also have pages on this topic devoted to the 80s and 90s 0. Sweet dreams and flying machines in peices on the ground represent when his girlfriends plane crashed. Susanna was in sweet dreams and she was in a plane and it sadly crashed. Steely Dan’s “Everyone’ Gone to the Movies” A song about a guy who shows dirty movies in his den on his own old movie projector to kids.

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Sometimes, in this day and age of distant and very lazy communication , you can be a harem member without even realising it just by being willing to play text ping pong with someone ambiguous or having brief interactions with people who you meet online. These are basically attention collectors. For some, the more people they can collect attention from, the better.

Hi All, Newbie here. I’m stumped on a film and I hope you can help. It’s a sci fi, poss late 90’s early ‘s, husband has to go on a spaceship as part of a last minute plan to save earth and he only gets issued one ticket (Possibly as he is scientist).

How could she do this to him? I thought we had a promise?! You looked at him, guilt written all over your face. I told him to come up here so he could find out himself. You ran out after him, onto the streets. He turned to you, making you freeze, purely in guilt. His eyes were red and puffy, cheeks stained with wet tears and bottom lip trembling. You took a step closer to him, reaching out your hand to touch his face. You flinched back at his volume, but the guilt would not die down.

His eyes stopped watering as they softened up towards you.

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Home Personal accounts of paranoia We think paranoid worries are very common but that they are rarely discussed. People seldom share their experiences of having unfounded or excessive suspicious thoughts. However it can be helpful to hear that others have similar thoughts and it can also be beneficial to write about our own suspicious thoughts.

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Filosykos I bought this in ’98 wehen it first came out I always thought of it as a softer companion to amen. It’s strange smoky and beautiful. I think it’s more suited for a woman but yes a man can wear it easily. The only thing is that although i really like it, I just don’t reach for it as much as I should. It’s like the notes block eachother out or it’s just too simple-what you get in the beginning is what you get in the end.

I would consider it a modern classic yes. Those early bottles would all leak. Mar chiragh initial blast is of tires but after mins it mellows down with beautiful vanilla note which is very nice , this is rather the best Vanilla note i seen around. Mar Holli Fun to wear. I remember trying this a decade ago, gagging and wondering why anyone would want to smell like vanilla flavored condoms.

Fast forward to now, trying it again, I am loving it. Heat, rubber, tea and a little bit of something sweet. It kind of makes me think of the smell that hardware stores have. It’s enjoyable and strangely comforting.

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You paced back and forth in your room, trying to keep your breathing even. Your sister had just caught you and Harry standing in a position that may or may not look like you two were about to kiss. Would she be mad? Why would she be mad? She had a boyfriend and Harry was only her best friend. Unless she had a secret undying love for him. You heard footsteps coming up the stairs and you immediately recognized them as your sister’s small but rushed footsteps.

Your bedroom door creaked open and you braced yourself for the worst.

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Alexander took all week to decide if was a dual citizen. If you go to https: All good it seems. Anthony , posted on November 12, at 9: If that is the case then DT is far and away smarter than any of the shit politicians on either side in the US. Senile Old Guy , posted on November 12, at 9:

The fragrance starts off with a burnt and biting scent, seemingly characteristic for rubber containing high amounts of plasticisers. Albeit not identical, the smell of the rubber covering the flanker can be taken as a point of reference.

New re-released batches no longer have that great overall performance, mainly it lacks projection. But it is still good, on par with new releases with strict recent IFRA regulations. I still have Limited Edition batch from and re-released batch. Limited Edition truly is great performer, it stays whole day and projects enough to have a scent cloud lingering.

New batch is strong right from the start, but mellows down really fast and there is just a soft projection after 2 hours. Besides, the old Limited Edition release seems to smell slightly better, I get more caramel and fruits, with this dried whiskey note and slight tea vibe in the dry down, it feels more rich and have more changing stages, or maybe it is just an illusion. Nov Aouldfactory I just love the smell of this gem. However, I don’t get the type performance many talk of on here.

Maybe I need to find a vintage bottle or scour up at bottle of Pure Creation? It’s probably just my old man skin rebelling against something so modern and edgy!

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But as some of you have discovered, after the breakup or during No Contact, your ex may periodically, or even often, try to get your attention. They might do the same thing, almost like clockwork — I hear from readers who have exes that always reach out on the same day, or every X weeks, or Y months. Or during the holidays or whenever. Some of you have let the same ex back in with the same con numerous times. Your post breakup access code can be made up of validation , Future Faking such as plans and claims of changing, and Fast Forwarding including seduction.

When you remember this, they have less power.

You’re great friends with Niall. Niall’s your BFF’s boyfriend. You got invited to his friend, Harry’s flat. You’re going with your BFF. You got dressed and had a little make up put onto your beautiful face.

I appreciate your courage in facing this difficult situation and being willing to seek help. I am glad I can be a contribution. Oct 08, Bea I love this article. Thanks for sharing it I identify with some of the points you pointed out. However, what I did wrong was I lied to my boyfriend. We started out with a very sexual relationship online, in which I lied about who I was, and I was overly silly and having fun. There was no pretenses, I said what I thought and I was spontaneous, fun, and held nothing back except my identity I guess.

He became angry at me that I would not meet me or do what I promised. I was just being silly online and never meant to hurt him.

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