How to hook up a surround sound to a desktop computer

Share on Facebook Adding a microphone and headset to your office computer turns it into a virtual conference center. These devices make it possible for you to conduct remote business meetings and place phone calls if you have the appropriate software installed. In most cases, no drivers are needed; just plug the headset in and go. Before setting up the microphone and headset, decide whether you want to plug them into the front or back of the computer. Most models contain ports on both sides. Step 1 Plug your headset into the round audio out port. In most cases, this port is colored green and may have a small icon depicting a set of headphones or speakers. Step 2 Plug the microphone into the round audio in port, which is usually pink and may be labeled with a microphone icon. Step 6 Speak or make noise into your microphone.

More Than Headsets: 5 Things You Can Do With Bluetooth

The process to connect a KVM switch to 2 computers takes a few minutes. Here is how to use a KVM switch with 2 computers. Keep in mind that KVM switches are of different types. Ensure that you have a KVM switch that supports both computers. Make sure that the KVM interface ports are compatible with both computers and devices to be shared.

Aug 03,  · That is one way. If you have a computer with two built-in ethernet ports, you can plug the modem into one, plug the second computer into the other ethernet port, and connect to the internet.

Before trying to hook up your player, make sure it is plugged in and turns on when you press the “power” button. Usually a small light or welcome message appears when the DVD player is working correctly. There are at three common ways to connect a DVD player, and each needs a different cable to work. Your DVD player should come with all of the appropriate cords, but you need to check which connections your TV accepts as well.

The three most common are. HDMI connections are the highest quality connections and you only need one cord for both the audio and video. There are three prongs at either end– red, yellow, and white — and they match up to corresponding colored inputs on both the TV and DVD player.

How to Connect One Printer to Two Computers

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If you have more than one desktop at home, maybe a Windows box and a test box with Linux installed, you can connect both computers to one monitor in three different ways: using the additional ports on the back of your monitor, using what is called a hardware KVM switch and using a software KVM switch.

Always use different subnets for different locations you set up. There are plenty subnets in the Use a separate C class networks for each location e. One subnet is needed as transit network within the VPN to connect the all remote offices to the central one. One subnet is only needed if you also want road warriors to connect to your network. Preconditions Common to all locations: Get OpenVPN installed on all 3 systems. The version can differ a little between the servers which makes it easy if your OpenWRT router has an older version as you use for your main server.

The example ports I use in this howto are for the VPN connection of the remote offices and for the road warriors. You need to add a routing rule in your DHCP config which tells the clients that And yes the The usage of one In this case every traffic goes first to the default gateway and then back to the server. Thats not nice but for a small network with only a low bandwidth connection to the other networks it is ok.

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Although organizations can use Remote Desktop to access and perform actions on a remote workstation, that doesn’t enable a user to obtain files from the PC. Business owners who want to allow workers to connect to each other’s computers and access or collaborate on important documents can set up a homegroup to connect computers together. Connect to your router’s network. Click “Start,” type “homegroup” into the search box and either press “Enter” or select “HomeGroup” from the search results.

Click “Create a Homegroup. Write down or print out the password.

Step. Plug one end of the Ethernet cable into the Ethernet port on the first computer. Make sure you insert the Ethernet cable’s connector into the port completely; you should hear a click when the connector’s retaining clip slides into place.

How do I share files between Macs and PCs over a network? Before you can connect to a Windows computer from your Mac you must know some information about how your Windows computer is set up. First, you must find out what IP address your Windows computer has been assigned. Two other things need to be configured on the Windows computer to make sharing with a Mac possible: Select the user account you want to use when you connect to the Windows computer, then choose Create a Password.

Once you have configured these two options, you must share a folder on the Windows computer. To share a folder, right click on it, select Properties, then on the Sharing tab check the box next to Share this folder on the network. To connect to this shared folder from the Mac, make sure you are in a Finder window and choose Go, Connect to Server.

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How to Connect Two Computers Together With Shared Folders Use a Printer With Two Computers Without a Router. Hook Up Two PCs Without a Router. Access a Networked PC Through CMD.

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Yes, ethernet cards are in both. Obtain two separate regular ethernet cables and plug the cables from each computer’s ethernet jack to the jack on the back of the router.. Each computer will be connected separately to the router through a standard ethernet cable It’s the easiest way to connect both computers to the internet AND share files at the same time.

This icon displays at the top under “View your basic network information and set up connections.” “How to Connect Two Computers Together Using an Ethernet Cable.” Hook Up Two PCs.

Would you like to merge this question into it? MERGE already exists as an alternate of this question. Would you like to make it the primary and merge this question into it? MERGE exists and is an alternate of. The printer wouldn’t be able to distinguish between the data coming from both the computers. You’d need to use some form of switching device to isolate each computer while printing is taking place.

That’s one of the functions of a file-server on a network – it assigns each computer a unique address so documents can be sent to the printer without getting jumbled. A Google search should take care of all three of those. You have internet with cable dsl modem can you hook the laptop to the modem using usb lap top only has printer portserialcom port mouse keyboard connection and monitor hookups?

If your laptop does not have the port required to use the modem and at the very least has a PCMCIA card slot, you must buy the necessary PCMCIA card, such as an ethernet adapter, assuming your cable or dsl modem uses such a connector..

How to Use a KVM Switch With 2 Computers

However, you cannot use a regular Ethernet cable — called a straight-through or a patch cable — to accomplish this. Instead, you need a Category 5, or CAT 5, or later crossover cable, available from any computer supply store. Crossover cables look identical to straight-through cables, but have several wire pairs reversed at one end, so make sure you get the correct cable. Plug one end of the crossover CAT cable into the Ethernet port on the first computer.

Plug the other end into the second machine. The connectivity LED on both network cards should be flashing green.

Two laptops can be connected together using a pair of CAT-5 cables or through wireless connectivity over a network. In most cases, it can be as easy as connecting them using the USB wireless adapters already built into the system without involving a hub, router or even a switch.

I’ve had dual monitors for about two years and I love it. Not only is it fun but if you’re a multi-tasker like me its awesome, and who isn’t nowadays? I can get so much more done having them, not only work-wise, but personally as well. So here is my set up at home: This is where I brag, I have 2 Acer 22″ widescreens so I’m almost 4 ft. The picture shows generally how you can find me, office work on the one side and play on the other. The nice part is say I have a large excel spread sheet – I can stretch it across both screens.

So how can you set up your monitors to go dual? Well first thing you need to do is look on the back of your computer.

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Replied on June 23, Hi Martin, I will be glad to help you with the questions you have connecting two computers. What is the operating system on Toshiba computer? If you need to connect two computers but you don’t have access to a network and can’t set up an ad hoc network, you can use an Ethernet crossover cable to create a direct cable connection. Generally speaking, a crossover cable is constructed by reversing or crossing over the order of the wires inside so that it can connect two computers directly.

Jan 26,  · Ok i have 2 computers, one is a laptop that i just bought and the other is an older desktop. The laptop is running Windows Vista and the desktop is running XP. how can i hook up both computers together so i can access the older computers files while on my laptop?Status: Resolved.

Gurmeet Singh 05 Nov I Have one computer and two printer one dot matrix and other bar code printer i want to give print command and simultaneously both the printers should print dot matrix on plain paper and bar code printer on labels, how can i do that EDITOR’S NOTE: There’s nothing built-in to Windows for that. I think you’ll need some custom programming to make that happen. The Laser is the problem. The inkjet works fine. Even though the usb ports are separate, when I install the laser it tries to install to the same USB virtual port as the inkjet.

The installation completes, but when I print to the laser it tries to print on the inkjet and its garbled. If I manually change it after the install and print a test page, it doesn’t send it at all and I get an error. Any advice would be greatly welcome.

How to Hook Up Two Audio Receivers Together

How To Combine Multiple Internet Connections How To Combine Multiple Internet Connections January 25, Lately, I have been looking to combine multiple internet connection to make a single high speed connection, I spent countless hours finding ways to merge my backup internet connection so I can utilize maximum speed but I could not find any reliable solution except a few. Before starting, I give you an overview of how multiple combination works.

Advertisement Load Balancing, how it works: They can tell computer to use multiple connections IP addresses to obtain data from a single source.

Bluetooth technology supports reasonably high-speed wireless connections between two computers without the need for a network oth is more commonly used when networking a computer with a consumer handheld device like a cell phone. Most desktop and older computers do not possess Bluetooth capability.

Hardware Abuse Some of the things people do to computers is downright painful. Recently, I got a call from someone who turned off his computer whenever he found himself somewhere in Windows he didn’t want to be. Wonder of all wonders, scandisk found a score of lost allocation units and bad sectors. He called about a week later and said that it would no longer boot up. He brought it in, and I discovered that sixteen nicely drilled holes were in the bottom of the case.

I asked him about it, and he said the machine was too hot sitting on his lap, so he had drilled these “air holes.

How to Use one Mouse & Keyboard with Two PCs