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Nothing has grown so fast and furious in the hobby of Archery Collecting anywhere near the growth that collecting Bear Archery memorabilia has. It doesn’t seem to matter what the item is, be it broadhead, bow, catalog, or even LP record albums of Fred telling hunting stories, if it says Bear Archery on it, someone wants it bad! In this article, I will present an overview of Bear Archery, and give you just a taste of the different items which you should be looking for. Then in later columns, we can get into the details of particular items. But for now, sit back and enjoy our time capsule of the most famous archery company of all time. Archery consumed only a small corner of this new business whose main line was silk-screening and other advertising work for the major automotive makers. Although Fred made bows for himself and friends, it wasn’t until when Fred hired a very skilled woodworker from Detroit by the name of Nels Grumley that the Bear Products Company line expanded to include bows. Times were tough, but Fred was a very good business man, and the business continued to grow until the move from Detroit to a brand new plant which Fred had completed in Grayling in Fred sold the company in to Victor Comptometer so that he could raise the needed capitol to grow the company even more.

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Handyman projects[ edit ] One handyman project was to repair shaky stairs; a wooden structure was built inside to prevent collapse. The term handyman increasingly describes a paid worker, but it also includes non-paid homeowners or do-it-yourselfers. Tasks range from minor to major, from unskilled to highly skilled, and include painting, drywall repair, remodeling, minor plumbing work, minor electrical work, household carpentry, sheetrock, crown moulding, and furniture assembly see more complete list below.

The term handyman is occasionally applied as an adjective to describe politicians or business leaders who make substantial organizational changes, such as overhauling a business structure or administrative division. There are resources on the Internet, as well as do-it-yourself guide books, [8] with instructions about how to complete a wide range of projects. Sometimes the fix-it skill is seen as genetic, and people lacking such skills are said to “lack the handy-man gene.

The Romanian Communist Party (Romanian: Partidul Comunist Român, PCR) was a communist party in sor to the pro-Bolshevik wing of the Socialist Party of Romania, it gave ideological endorsement to communist revolution and the disestablishment of the Kingdom of PCR was a minor and illegal grouping for much of the interwar period, and submitted to direct Comintern .

For the next years, the square grand piano would evolve into a larger, heavier, and more mechanically refined instrument. Sadly, however, they are all but forgotten today. Because they were smaller and took up less space, the upright piano caused the square grand piano to become obsolete by By the late s and early s, conventional grand piano models began to appear in the sales catalogs of most manufacturers, but were still dominated by the selection of square grands available.

As the s and s approached, the square grand piano began to fade in popularity, and manufacturers started promoting their lines of grand and upright pianos. By about , smaller baby grand pianos started to become popular. These baby grand pianos were offered in a wide variety of styles, often to compliment particular periods in furniture design, but the most popular style by far was the spade-leg classic design that most of us associate with the traditional baby grand piano of today.

By the s onward, tiny baby grand pianos, like the tiny spinet upright piano, continued to be popular in the modern American home as people moved into smaller houses and apartments. The organs built during this era often had very high backs with carved panels, shelves, mirrors, etc.

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Still, the song that brings out the enthusiastic grin on most of us is of course Dogs. For me it was what got me into this crazy hobby — trying to figure out how the hell David got his magical tone. Dogs dates back to the middle of the Dark Side of the Moon tour. Pink Floyd had been performing Dark Side in its entirety since early — a whole year before the album was released and as they kept on adding new dates to the tour they badly needed new material.

David wrote most of the music later stated that he was particularly proud of the chord progression.

List Yourself! in directory assistance by filling out the form with your address and phone number, then complete the automated validation phone call.

We suggest you contact your local piano technican for information about them. Restoration and preservation of an heirloom instrument is generally considered a wise investment. Unfortunately, one has to spend a small fortune to get a quality new piano. Restoration of an heirloom instrument will yield much better value for your investment. Will it cost more to restore my instrument than it will be worth? People everywhere are renovating old homes and buildings so that they can be sold for profit in the end.

Much like the real estate industry, restoring a vintage instrument adds real value to the piece, ultimately making the instrument worth more than the cost of restoration in most cases. Restoration and preservation is an investment. Like a new car, a new piano will lose value over time. The antique value of an heirloom instrument tends to increase over time, making restoration and preservation a wise investment. Over the past two decades, we have seen the value of heirloom instruments nearly double, a trend that will likely continue long term!

Those who value their heirloom pianos, and those who think they are junk.


And now there’s the Rock Gods and Metal Monsters on-line auction at Backstage Auctions, which is nothing short of a celebration of everything loud and heavy! With 1, auction lots to pick and choose from, the auction is dripping with the coolest stuff from Anthrax to White Zombie and just about every other legendary metal band from the past 30 years. In true form, KISS takes center stage with nearly auction lots of their own, with the vast majority dating back to their s glory years!

Fans and collectors will be able to boost their shrines and vaults with anything from rare t-shirts, authentic Christmas cards, posters and collectible vinyl, to Alive II tour used cabinets, Peter Criss and Eric Carr drum gear and even Ace’s own Marshall amp. A particular stand out are the 8 signed Christmas cards from the s from Gene 3 , Paul 3 , Peter and Ace.

Featured here is the first one, from , which shows Paul in Santa outfit, hidden behind a Paul Stanley doll.

The Coastline S6 Slim CW Spruce QIT is an ideal choice for players who prefer the brighter sound of a Select Solid Spruce top, as well as the great feel and superb sound provided by a hand finished neck with a slimmer, more traditional nut width.

By that point in history, rock music was the baddest man in the whole damn town. Stadiums and outdoor festivals was where the action was—Madison Square Garden for chrissakes. Fifty watts just wasn’t enough to move that chick in the 61st row in her hand-embroidered bellbottoms. It wasn’t as if nobody was filling the void—witness the stacks of Marshalls, mountains of Hiwatts, and truckloads of Dual Showmans doing more to promote tinnitus in a single generation since WWII.

Only In America Ampeg needed to compete. The team of amp designer Bill Hughes and Roger Cox—with input from Bob Rufkahr and Dan Armstrong—set about to create what Cox referred to as “the biggest, nastiest bass amplifier the world had ever seen. Frankenstein, the team came up with a watt all-tube phantasmagoria they called the Super Vacuum Tube—or SVT, to save on vowels.

To fully grasp the monstrosity of their creation, the SVT’s watt output stomped the deafening watt Marshall Major by a full watts! To heat all those tubes, massive transformers with magnetic fields powerful enough to cause genetic mutations were necessary. And what kind of speakers were able to handle all that power? Nothing less than two cabinets sporting eight ten-inch speakers and weighing lbs.

After surveying his creation, Cox was actually concerned about potential liability—when your engineers warn of the possible harm their designs could cause, you’d better listen.

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Building began in , shortly after completion of nearby Dusit Palace, when King Chululongkorn King Rama V asked his half-brother, Prince Narris, to design him a temple. The result is a dazzling Ubosot ordination hall cast in white Carara Italian marble and with three-tiered roof – an excellent example of modern Thai architecture, with beautiful features from near and afar. This T-shaped structure contains an exquisite Sukothai-style Buddha replica called Phra Buddha Chinarahat, the original of which is located in Wat Mahatat.

Interned in the base beneath it are the ashes of King Chulalongkorn. The courtyard exhibits 52 local and foreign Buddha images from the period 33 originals and 20 copies. Each one is different in style and pose, with highlights including the Buddha in walking posture statue, and subduing Mara posture statue.

Hewitt Masters Montpelier BOSS Finale. A chilly fall afternoon greeted race fans and a stellar field of 42 traditional wingless sprint cars. Dallas Hewitt, aboard the Todd Keen owned number 18, led .

Dating VOX products can be very difficult. VOX did not observe or utilize standard dating procedures nor does the serial numbers,. Hey guys, sorry to post off topic, but i think this thread will sink in a heartbeat on the amp forum. Anyways, Im trying to get a vox amp and found a. Extremely difficult dating Vox amps.. But these links might help.. At Chicago Music Exchange, we have the most knowledgeable gear experts in the industry. The best source is in Jim Elyeas book which is a must have for any vintage Vox owner.

As for dating some pics would help as they went through.

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In , the firm, then led by senior partner John V. So the firm of P. After Field and Leiter’s immediate success enabled them to pay him back, Palmer withdrew two years later from the partnership in to focus on his own growing real-estate interests on one of the burgeoning city’s important thoroughfares, State Street.

Introduction to Seeburg and Western Electric Pianos by Art Reblitz. The J.P. Seeburg Piano Company of Chicago, Illinois, was one of the two largest makers of coin-operated pianos and orchestrions in the U.S. from through , second only to the giant Wurlitzer company in the s, and then dominating the industry in the s.

Please don’t ask if we know any other speakers than mentioned on this page. When you know the best, you’re not interested in the rest. No, we don’t know if your Speakers match your Amp, but we can tell you how to tell if they are below. The more amps we try on our Tannoy Golds, the wider our opinion can be. The fact is there really is no way to tell beyond actually trying the Amp with the Speaker. We’ve not got bigger speakers of the post design, if we use some small ones to test, they hardly give a full picture of the sound.

Buying a Speaker is the most hard of all hifi items to buy due to the huge tonal differences and how they interact with the room you use as well as the amplifier. Phase errors will create a poor sound as well as the minute volume differences. The Human Ear cannot supposedly hear these differences, yet some state we need Amplifiers delivering “sound” beyond 20 kHz to have music sounding right.

A speaker in a room sounds less upfront than having two small desktop speakers on the Computer inches away. There are even triple amps for 3 driver systems, all pointless. Until full range speakers beyond Electrostatics exist, it’s the best there is for full range Hifi.

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History[ edit ] The 5B6 Bassman[ edit ] During , the Fender 5B6 Bassman amplifier was introduced as a combo amplifier cabinet that included the amplifier chassis combined with one 15″ speaker. It was designed to generate 26 watts at an 8 ohm impedance load, and offered a cathode-based bias. In the cabinet designs were changed to the so-called “Wide Panel” design, with a 5 inch wide tweed covered panel above and below a wider swath of grill cloth.

Vertiv is a global leader in designing, building and servicing critical infrastructure that enables vital applications for data centers, communication networks and commercial and industrial facilities.

He remained active until his untimely death in February His main guitar in the early years was a Les Paul acquired from Peter Green of Fleetwood Mac, which he owned for more than 40 years before selling it in This is the guitar that Gary used on his best selling album Still Got The Blues, and the one he kept by his side until his death. As said, Gary used this guitar very briefly and it pretty much disappeared after mid If you happen to know what happened to it after, be sure to let us know using the contact form at the bottom of this page.

After leaving Fleetwood Mac in Peter borrowed the guitar to Gary, as he was sort of a mentor to him in the early years. Couple of visuals mods are also worth mentioning. If you happen to know more, be sure to send us a message. Photo by Alan Perry www. Please note that even though the interview was published in January , it was likely conducted a couple of months prior.

I broke the neck off while having a row with me chick. It appears thought that the neck still had a Fender logo on the headstock based on the footage, so maybe Gary ended up just grabbing a neck from another guitar.

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Instead of using two voltage doubler bridge rectifiers, Marshall used one voltage doubler bridge rectifier like the later amps have. So instead of feeding two rectifiers with 95VAC each, Marshall now feed one rectifier with ca. This was initially done by bridging two secondaries of the power transformer however, later transformers have only one V secondary with centre tap. A factory schematic indicates that Marshall also lowered the plate voltage to VDC, something that increases tube life, reduces power while giving more compression and distortion Doyle, History of Marshall, p.

Garantieverlängerung um 24 Monate auf dein Gerät Absicherung deines Einkaufs bei gegen Konstruktions-, Guss-, Material-, Berechnungs-, Werkstätten- und Montagefehler durch die Schutzbrief24 (Partner der AXA).Price: €

No serving from pages other than http: Lots of us have been willing to commit lots of money to buying Vox equipment. The stuff has gotten scarce enough that the prices are high and the availability is low. I’m a do-it-yourself kind of guy, and I recognized long ago that I could start with a sheet of plywood and wind up with equipment housings. This is the first of a series on making your own Vox replica cabinets.

Note that this is to make replicas, not fakes to be pawned off as originals. It’s not likely that any knowledgeable Vox fan would be fooled about them being original at close inspection – but it is possible to make something that is clearly close. The styling details were implemented differently between the JMI and Thomas products, but produced a recognizable family look. It’s not going to look like a Vox of any kind without:

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