Jersey Shore Hookup: Is Ronnie About To Have Another ‘French Fry Moment’

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Deleted Scene: JWOWW Tries To Hook Up With Pauly DAgain!

One question fans have continuously asked since the show went to Italy is whether some of The Situation’s drama-creating antics — particularly his obsession with his alleged off-season hook-up with Snooki — were scripted attempts to create juicy storylines. In an interview on ” Live! Talking about the insurance company, The Situation said, “I had to tell them that whatever they see on TV was a little, uh, ya know Still, the exchange raises questions about the way “Jersey Shore” is filmed and produced.

Late in , blogger Sean Klitzner posted a video of a Deena-Snooki bar brawl in Italy, citing evidence at the producer had instigated it. It remains unclear for now, but the next time we see a flying bottle whiz past The Situation’s head, we’ll be wondering if a producer threw it.

After falling for each other on the hit MTV reality series Jersey Shore, Ronnie Magro and Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancola tell PEOPLE that they’re still together — and it’s serious! “I care about her deeply and I see it going for a long time,” Magro says. “I don’t really want to jinx anything [but] I.

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Jersey shore hook up scenes remarkable, rather amusing

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Vinny put the “I” in “bidet”! Ron’s friends put an embargo on Sam-related smushing! Jersey Shore Season 4, Episode 1 was chock full of oratory gems — so put on a clean T-shirt, slap on some fake tan, and check out our personal faves

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Jersey Shore’s Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino has sentencing delayed Online

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Jersey Shore –

Now that the Jersey Bowl has ended on MTV and most viewers are tuning into CBS to prep for the big game, we here at Hairpoof have decided to do a bit of site maintenance and move a couple of our writings on JS from a different web site onto this one. We figured there will never be a better time for a couple of episode reviews and commentary than after JS fans have been given the opportunity to watch every episode of the first season in order.

Never in my wildest dreams could I have ever imagined. Each has an exaggerated personality that, when mixed with the others, becomes a hot mess. She may make a habit out of not wearing pants to a club, flashing more of her underwear than the world wants to see, and hooking up with her roommates in the hot tub, but she also shows her vulnerable side when her mom comes to visit.

He subscribes to the GTL lifestyle as well, but his hair is truly of note. What does it feel like to touch? Hard as a rock? All questions I ask myself whenever he comes on screen. JWoww — at times her chest seems to overpower anything she says, does or wears, and she spent two episodes actively cheating on her boyfriend with Pauly D, but JWoww is fantastic. She has no qualms to telling it like it is and she becomes the go-to person for advice as Ronnie searches for guidance in his relationship with Sammi and Snooki tries to deal with the aftermath of getting punched in the face.

Ronnie — the biggest meat head of them all, Ronnie proved himself to be a juiced dude with anger management issues in the sixth episode of the season. And take note when he dances, his unique style is both amazing and a little crazy.

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Ronnie’s in for Season Two – Are You? Yet, still the cast is holding out for more. TMZ reports that MTV has given them a hard-deadline of the end of business hours tomorrow to sign or get out. Ronnie and JWoww seemed to be the first to crack under the pressure and large sum of money.

You are watching the movie Jersey Shore – Season 2 produced in USA belongs in Category Comedy, Drama, with duration 40 Min, broadcast at , Director by Anthony Beltempo, SallyAnn Salsano, A reality-based look at the vapid lives of several New Jersey somethings and their respective friends and/or hook-ups.

Jersey Shore Reunion Recap: This reunion was clearly filmed pre-Situation rehab. The gang watches clips showing how Mike plotted his diabolical plan which was often thwarted in Seaside Heights. After the footage, Snooki and Mike are screaming at each other on the reunion sofa. Again, does she protest too much?

Rawn is thrilled that they are the new Ronnie and Sam. JWoww stands up for Snooki from the rafters. Rawn reveals that the angrier Nicole appears, the guiltier she looks. Rawn goes on a roid rage begging them to drop it. Pauly chimes in, saying that if he had been Jionni, Mike would still be swallowing his teeth. He believes Jionni was too passive.

Celebrity Interview: SallyAnn Salsano

By Nick Venable 3 years ago MTV’s guilty-without-parole pleasure Jersey Shore is so different from that ol’ Real World show, because the location is in the name, and there are eight people. For a while anyway. This is the kind of show that desperately needs to continue for as few seasons as possible. An ingenious slice of life, it’s from a pie much too rich to indulge in.

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The MTV show sunk to a new low as it charted the reality star fulfilling one of his sexual fantasies after bringing home two women he hooked up with in a bar. Vinny is seen is seen rolling around the bed with the women during the encounter, with one of them losing her underwear in the process. Vinny is seen romping with two lesbians in his bed during last night’s finale episode of Jersey Shore which aired in the U.

The reality star brags about the encounter, saying it is the ‘coolest thing I ever did’ The controversial show – which has a young fan following – also aired scenes of Vinny and fellow castmember Pauly D talking graphically about bedding the women. This story’s going to be told for generations to come. Vinny looked very pleased with himself afterwards Working his charm: Vinny chats up the lesbian women in the bar before taking them home Trying something new: One of the women lost her underwear back at Seaside Heights Of course, being the season finale, this was just one of many dramas in the hour-long episode as the gang waved goodbye to Seaside Heights in New Jersey.

After falling out several times, Snooki and The Situation tried to put the past behind them and move on as friends. Mike’s brother is dating Deena’s sister, which saw the reality stars get involved Snooki loyally passed on the rumours to her best friend and after a night out on the tiles, Deena confronted The Situation who denied having any involvement in the rumour spreading.

She told The Situation: The girls attempted to play a prank on the boys but it backfired Bad idea: Deena attempted to scale the roof and run away but didn’t make it very far Trapped: Ronjnie locked the girls on an outdoor deck so that they could easily ambush them with water balloons Before their stint in Seaside Heights was over, the girls were determined to exact revenge on the boys after a series of pranks including hiding their mattresses.

Jersey Shore S.2 E.06 – “Snooki a couché avec Vinny”